If you visit us end of June to October you can experience the unique wonder of Great Migration.

Approximately 1.3 million gnus, over 200.000 zebras and 350,000 gazelles and antelopes migrate from the Serengeti in Tanzania to Maasai Mara. There they have to cross the Mara River which forms a natural barrier for the wild animals.

Exact at the banks of that great river our camp is located.

So it is not surprising, that professional photographers and filmmakers from around the world want to photograph and film this incredible event.

Gnus Crossing – Gnu herds cross the Mara River

It is one of the greatest natural spectacles you can experience here in this time of year.

Impressions, we promise you, that you will never forget in your life. Thousands of gnus gather on the banks of the Mara River. There are more and more. They wait for a conspecific that makes the beginning and dares to cross the water. And immediately after that all the others listen to their herd instinct to follow up to the last animal to cross the river.

Our jeep is directly across the river.

Everywhere you hear the shouts of the huge herd. The smell of thousands of gnus is in the air. The herd is nervous. Down in the river giant crocodiles wait for prey. On our side of the river, several lionesses have hidden. Also, they are hungry and on the hunt for easy prey.

And then it happens…

The first Gnu bounces several meters high embankment steeply down into the river. As an unstoppable wave everyone else follows. In the strong currents the animals are drifting away in the water. There is panic. Wide-eyed animals swim for their life. Simultaneously hundreds of animals are in the river. The water foamed. The cries of the huge flock are getting louder.

The giant crocodiles have already captured the first gnus.

Then the first animals achieve the seemingly safe shore. With their last strength they rush up the embankment. Only a few, then hundreds follow. But it is not enough space for all to climb through the narrow steep embankment to the top side by side at the same time. There is a complete confusion. Body to body, densely crowded. Upon the lionesses have been waiting for. Now they make easy prey.

And our Jeep is standing close of the action.

It’s simply breathtaking in view of what is going on here. The air and water vibrate. The shouts of the mighty flock grow louder again. It is unbelievable to experience that wonder of nature live right here. Far more than thirty minutes, the incredible spectacle lasted.

Impessions that you will never forget.