You want to watch the Masai Mara and its fantastic wildlife from a bird’s perspective?

No Problem. In addition, you can book on location a hot air balloon ride. Another unforgettable experience is guaranteed. You can pay with your credit card.

Early in the morning you wake up and leave the camp at 5:00 am. Your balloon ride starts into the midst of the fantastic sunrise.

Before that, there will be a briefing by the balloon pilot and a security check takes place. The powerful burner of the balloon will be ignited.


Then you can start safari adventure in height.

You glide silently into the sun rising over the marvelous plains of the Masai Mara. Below you see herds of wild animals. The Mara River meanders through the wild uncontaminated landscape. A fascinating panorama and a sight you will not forget!


After a soft landing of the balloon a covered breakfast table is waiting for you.

With a glass of champagne we toast on your balloon ride. Then you will be picked up by your safari guide for a game drive. For lunch you will be back in Malaika Camp.