You want to discover the culture of the Maasa and see how the Maasai people live?

Then you have the opportunity to visit accompanied by one of our guides a Maasai village (Manyatta) – authentic and traditional. A typical Maasai village is surrounded by a circular wall. It consists of thorns. So, people and also the valuable herd animals of the Maasai are protected inside from wind and wild animals.

The huts of the Maasai are made of wood and clay. They are built very low, that you can barely stand inside.

During your visit to Manyatta you can watch Maasai women making crafts. Without a commitment, you can buy souvenirs.

Even the traditional Maasai dance with vocals by Maasai warriors and Maasai women you will be able to admire. It is a special opportunity for photographers to take great photos of the high jumping Maasai warriors.

The visit of the village takes about 1 to 1.5 hours and costs 20 US dollars. The majority of the fees goes to the Maasai Manyatta village and their members. Driving time to the village is on our Jeep approximately 30 minutes.