The Masai are known as herdsmen and warriors. Historically, they have a nomadic way of life.

Everything revolves around their livestock, mainly cattle. The drinking of cow’s blood, partly mixed with milk, is part of life and the ceremonies of proud people. Around the huts in which even small animals sleep, a thorn hedge is established. At night the cattle, sheep and goats come in this save area. So they are protected from wild animals.

Today, the Masai almost no longer hunt. They mainly feed on the flesh of their sheep and goats.

If you are interested, during your stay you can visit a traditional Masai village (Manyatta) with us (cost 30 USD per person). You will meet the friendly people and learn about their customs. Dancing and singing guarantee striking impressions.

The Masai live in harmony with nature and wildlife. Today, they are peaceful guardian of the Masai Mara.

Even today their rites and traditional ceremonies play an important role. The elders enjoy a high reputation in the community of the Masai.