Social Projects

From the beginning the Malaika Camp took care of the support of the local Masai people.

The focus was and is the support of the Olare Owang Primary School.

“When we met the many little Masai children and the teachers who worked with great commitment on our first visit, it was clear to us that we would become socially involved here.”

We donated money for tables and benches and other much needed things. In the completely overcrowded classes, up to 80 children partly were sitting on the floor.

With many of our guests, we visited the school. We have arranged so many sponsorships for Masai children through our guests.

Help that reaches 100%

In the Masai families, John specifically targeted the small children of families who could not afford the school fees and the school clothes (100 US Dollar per year). As a result of our help, the number of students grew from 170 to over 400.

An incredible step in the support of the school was achieved by visiting the Hüsges family from Germany. They were guests in our Malaika Camp in the spring of 2018. While visiting the school they were very touched by the friendliness of the pupils and teachers despite the very difficult conditions.

Education for all e.V.

Bernd Hüsges had the idea to found a social association immediately after his return to Germany. Bernd and Jo met in Germany and in a short time the non-profit organization “Education for all e.V.” was founded. John took care of everthing that was important on site.

With the help of donations from Education for all, several major projects have now been realized Such as new buildings, a 135 meter deep well was drilled, which today supplies over 3,000 people in the region with clean drinking water and a large dining hall with a commercial kitchen for over 400 students was built.

The fountain was solemnly inaugurated by a large celebration of the entire local Masai population.

In addition, almost more than100 new sponsorships were taught!

We thank Bernd Hüsges and his family and Education for all for the fantastic support.

In the future Jo and John and the Malaika Camp will continue their social engagement. The gratitude and the radiance in the eyes of the children and the people is a great incentive for both to continue to help.

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