The climate in the Maasai Mara is year-round very pleasant.

The hottest period is from December to March. Here are the temperatures between 27 degrees C/80 degrees F and 32 degrees C/92 degrees F. The cooler months with temperatures of 25 degrees C/77 degrees F -30 degrees C/86 degrees F are above July to September.

There are two rainy seasons. The larger with prolonged rainfall, is the time from the end of March / mid- April to mid-June.

The short rainy season with strong, short rainfall lasts from mid-October to mid-November. Even though the sun shines longer, as the showers are of short duration.

From the point of view of weather the best periods and seasons to travel to the Maasai Mara are from mid- December to March and from July to October. Most people would like to time their visit with the Big Migration from mid-June to Oktober.

Exceptional wildlife watching, you can do throughout the whole year. The nature and the animals here are always incredibly diverse

Due to the altitude of 1500-1600 meters above sea level, it is cooler in the morning and evening. Therefore you should always bring warm clothes for the game drives and campfire in the evening.