Please note the following tips and hints.

In Kenya, due to the size of the rural area a health center may be further away. To ensure medical help in case of illness or accident, there is the health service “Flying Doctors” by AMREF

This service not only provides far reaching emergency and medical assistance to local communities in remote regions. For tourists it even ensures a medical evacuation by airplane. The small aircraft can land almost anywhere.

Malaria cases occur in the Masai Mara rarely.

The reason is that the Maasai Mara is 1550-1650 meters above sea level. The mosquitoes that transmit Malaria, do not occur so often at this level.

However, you should take preventive measures, especially if you are traveling through other areas where malaria is more common. Consult a qualified doctor. Today, there are antimalarials that you only achieve when typical symptoms occur.

The Masai Mara is not a zoo where the animals are fenced. Here animals live in the wild.

Also our Malaika Camp is not fenced. Just like other camps we have the philosophy, that we want to preserve the Masai Mara open and free as an unspoilt region. Because of that it is the fascination you will experience here.

Our Malaika Camp is guarded by local Masai. They live here among the wild animals and have a huge knowledge about the flora and fauna.

Also during game drives you are always accompanied by experienced safari guides, who know exactly how to behave among the wild animals of Africa.