Park Fees

Each person who visits the Masai Mara National Park, has to pay a Park Fee.

Park fee is valid for 24 hours and can be paid directly at the reserve entrance. Alternatively our Malaika Camp buys the tickets for the duration of your stay on their behalf, and to pre-finance. Then you pay the Park Fee with your Malaika Camp account.

The park fees are charged by the Trans-Mara Country Council and can change at short notice at any time. The park entrance fees valid on the day of entry must always be paid, regardless of which park entrance fees were stated when the trip was invoiced.

Please note strongly, to carry enough cash with you. Unfortunately the electronic credit card systems, even at the reserve entrance, are very reliable.

The amount of the fee is charged by Trans- Mara County Council and may be changed at any time.


Park Fees Inside Park



East African Resident**
KSH 1200, from 2024 4.500 KSH

Kenyan Resident
KSH 1000, from 2024 3.000 KES        

Non Residents
70 US Dollar from 2024 Juauary -June 100 USD from July to December 200 USD


East African Resident**
KSH 500, from 2024 2.000 KES, sudents 2.000KSH

Kenyan Resident
KSH 300, from 2024 1.000 KSH, Students 1.000 KSH  

Non Residents
40 US Dollar from 2024 50 USD

* Children from 9 years up to 17 years, children 8 years and below are free

** East African Residents: Persons residing in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi